Monday, 25 January 2016

Cupids Arrow Cards

Get creative this Valentine’s Day by making your own cute cupid cards.

List of things you will need:
Brown envelopes
Coloured card of your choice
Metallic pens

Firstly decided on a colour theme that works, something a little clashy and within the theme of valentines (aka: pink or red heart) works really well.

Step 1 – start by creating the heart shape. You can use a stencil, download a template of a heart from the internet and draw around that. I printed a heart shape (just by using google images) and placing it onto a thick piece of card. This makes it so much easier to draw around and get a really symmetrical shape like a stencil. You need 2 heart pieces for every 1 cupid card you make. My cards are in bits of A5, after folding them a few times you are able to get x4 the amount of shapes from one bit of card.

Step 2 - Cut the straws into pieces about 8-10cms long.

Step 3 - Make the tail by using an arrow like template. (to make this easier you could just use a triangle shaped tail) I did the same with step 1 as I have done for step 3, make sure you cut out 2 pieces for the arrow's.

Step 4- Then with your metallic pens draw faces on the heart or write a cute message! Be as creative and wild as you like.

Step 5 – glue all pieces together, then voila! A cute cupid card.

Make sure you pop them in the post in time for your valentine on the 14th feb! Enjoy guys I hope you get lots in return & send me pictures of your creations!

All my love,
Chloe Noir,


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