Thursday, 11 September 2014

Update & Millie Macintosh!

Hi all, 

This is my first chance I have got to blog in a long time as I have been galavanting across the globe with my boyfriend. It was my birthday at the end of August and I was very lucky to be treated to a surprise holiday to New York & The Bahamas! 2 places I have always dreamed of going. 

We took a boat around manhattan island to see all the buildings and the lady herself! We saw lots of other sites including Empire State Building, we cycled around Central Park and saw ground zero and it's new meusum. Ground zero really was a touching place to visit. 

I managed to get my boyfriend to do lots of shopping and was lucky enough to go to both Macy's and bloomeys at my stay there. 

I was fascinated by all the brands that are not available in the UK that I know I will love if we had them back home... Such as Elizabeth & James, Mary-Kate & Ashleys clothing line. 

After our hectic few days in NYC we retreated to a lovely Caribbean island for a week! 

Whilst I'm writing this blog I might aswell update you with my OOTD. I'm wearing a black high neck long sleeved crop top, with dog tooth print skirt, fur gills and Mary Janes, I really look forward to winter fashion and have bought lots of new pieces for the winter already! 

Millie Mackintosh has just started a collection, I love her classic Chelsea girl style. This is my favourite piece from the collection. This styled with a fedora, fur gillet and boots would make this dress very ontrend. I really am Inlove with the gypsy looking sleeves this season, blog to come of where to get them when I have done my research! 
I managed to snap a photo of her at Vogues fashion night out too!!! 

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Leave some love! 

Lots of love, 
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Saturday, 17 May 2014

5 Summer Must Haves!






Summer is EVERYONES favourite time of the year.... and if its not your favourite time of the year, well, then you are mentally retarded. The sunshine makes everyone happy... and thats a fact! It releases some chemicals and vitamins and all that shiz... so its way healthy.

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have been busy with work and putting together a few projects, I also met someone that I really like spending time with (cringe, i know) :) I have put a post together that just details some of the main things that I will be looking to purchase this summer, and some bits I already have.

1. Orange and Lime Green.

I believe these will be the colours of the season. This seasons trends are all a bit whacky.... Very 80's. Infact heres a photo of me and my best friend Lauren going to an 80's night a couple of weeks ago, not really that different from how we dress now.

These particular colours are great to jazz up any boring outfit with something minimal like a necklace or chunky wedged shoes.

Topshop - Team with a pair of tailored trousers

Topshop - adding a pop of colour to any outfit

ASOS - £25 

ASOS - Very 80's, pair with modern tailoring or  a midi skirt

2. Distressed Denim

I have seen a lot of this lately. And have recently decided to rip up a pair of my old jeans. All you need to do is put a few small cuts in them with a pair of scissors, to roughen them up use a cheese grater and strech them with your hands. This gives them the most natural look. If you dont wish you DIY  heres a few i found below.

ASOS - low rise skinnys, subtle ripping

ASOS - boyfriend style distressed denim

LEVIS - £110

3. Powerful Blazors

Modern tailoring has been HUGE this past year. Lately I have been seeing floral blazors and matching block coloured two piece suits (this in orange looks great) Modern tailoring is so versitile, tailored trousers can be worn in the day with a simple black or white T and can been worn out with a pair of strappy sandles. It is also very suitable for the work place, so make your colleagues jealous! Modern tailoring works best in bold statement colours, white is very on trend right now and makes any outfit look more sleek and stylish, here are my favourite picks from Miss Guided.

Miss Guided - £7.99

Co-Ordinates are my favourite. I love this floral piece

Miss Guided - Pastels 

Miss Guided - £17.99

4. Natural Beach Baby Hair

Summer is all about tanned skinned and beachy waved hair. Natural tones and colours are so on trend right now. See below for some cool hairstyle ideas.

Ombre works for all hair tones but works best with a natural wave
Lauren Conrad - My style inspiration. Every time i see a picture of her I get incredibly jealous.

Conrad works her ombre every time with natural waves and a simple plait

5. Cute Shoes

Here are my favourite picks from ASOS this spring / summer
Topshop - £45

Topshop - Great with a summer dress and denim jacket

Topshop - Wedges are for any occasion

ASOS - £22

Enjoy the sunshine.
Love and Peace
Chloe Noir,

Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 2014 - Trends

Hi to all my fashion followerssssssssssssss!

I decided to collaborate a few trends and ideas to start of your week! Hopefully this will inspire you for outfit choices and not leave you all stuck at your wardrobe wondering what to wear for half an hour!

The trends that I have spotted recently are the mono casual look, and the modern tailoring.
Clothing & Footwear from Topshop & Asos this month

The Mono Casual look is an easy trend to follow as most of the clothing can be transformed from day - night with a pair of shoes of the season! I am a huge fan of the leather look joggers, recently Lauren Pope was pictured with a pair and teamed them with some strappy heeled sandals and they looked great. The material of the mono casual look is mainly cotton, this means that the look is easy to play around with and to add other items and accessories to dress it up. 

Lately I am absolutely loving shoes! For a girl like me whos 5'4 an extra 3 or 4 inches can make so much difference and can really lengthen out your legs. These kind of shoes are great for work and great for socialising. 

The Modern tailoring look is something that I love playing with for work. I have a fair few pairs of tailored trousers and thats all you really need to rock this look. Grab yourself a white pair and a black pair and you can probably team it with most of the shirts and tops you have in your wardrobe! The brighter colours and more funkier designs are coming in too, team these with a block coloured boxy shirt or collared shirt to tie the outfit together.

The Strappy Heel - It can literally be worn with anything. Must have! Get a pair on ASOS now.

All appointments are tailor made for you :)

Love and Happiness,

Chloe Noir,


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Choose O P T I M I S M !

This post is slightly different to the normal fashion related topics that are seen coming from this blog. Chloe Noir is not only about showing the latest trends and fashion tips but making sure each individual is happy with the skin they are in and improving confidence with clothing. I would like to share with you a few a tips that I have recently learnt myself.

Being only 21 I am most definitely not the fount of all knowledge however, I sure have had some life experiences that have put a lot of things into perspective. 

Sometimes we can live in such an ugly world. I believe the media have a huge part to play in a lot of hate and negativity. There is no privacy for most people, and the rest like to detail every aspect of their life on social networking sites.  There are so many people around that are only in things for themselves and not wanting to help the greater good of other people. When really we should all be celebrating each other's success and encouraging each other to do well in life.

Only a couple of months ago, something suddenly hit me. The attitude that I had at the time really was not getting me anywhere, although I have always been motivated and wanting to do well in life, I did not believe in myself one bit. So why would anyone else? For me this was due to a massive confidence issue that I had with myself and this reflected in something that I was passionate about.

I woke up one day and thought, today. Today is the day to be happy, optimistic and to kick ass! I know I'm not getting any younger, and I'm going to be optimistic, because I really believe what I am trying to achieve is for the greater good of other people. And, if it doesn't work out, at least I can say I tried. Reading optimistic quotes, and looking at pictures really helped me, it will motivate you find you what to really do in life and the steps you can take to achieve it. Remember, optimism is a choice and believe me it was the best choice I ever made. Optimism is key.

Whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, I really believe you can do it! Change the I can't, to I will! Believe in yourself and be happy of other peoples success. Go for it, you have only one life so give it your best shot. 

And that's why I believe now...My world is beautiful.

Love & Happiness;

Chloe Noir,


Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Come Back of The Birkenstock

Recently I was going through a seasonal 'clear out the wardrobe and restock' kinda moment, when I contemplated throwing away my Birkenstocks that I have had now for about 5 years. I couldn't honestly tell you the last time I wore them as all you would see me in last summer would have been my white or black converse, or some form of strappy sandals.

Last week whilst heading back home on the train I picked up The Stylist, (a well known free fashion magazine given to commuters) which detailed that the BIRKS ARE BACK. With all the chunky ankle boots and sandals that are in this season I felt kinda stupid that I was about to throw them away. I have now recently stumbled across the ASOS website which has a whole page dedicated to the Birkenstocks. So hurry up and dig out your vintage birkys or buy some brand new sparkly ones because they are back!

Asos - £44.95 Rio 2 Strap White Sandals
Im teaming mine with a pair of skinnys and this Kimono from Oasis, by wearing my hair in loose curls with a chunky plait I can create the ultimate boho chic look.

Oasis - £40
Offering free 121 style advice, just give me a message!

Love & Peace Fashionistasssssss.

Chloe Noir,


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

3 Pairs of Perfection

You don't want these shoes. You NEED them.

Im not really sure why, but all of a sudden I have had a complete shoe craze! The three famous styles this season are loafers, ankle boots and strappy heels.

Strappy Heels - Perfect for the modern tailoring look

Ankle Boots - style with black tights, leather jacket and casual dress

Loafers - chuck on a pair of jeans for a casual look

Here is how i wear my version of the ankle boot!
Long sleeved turtle neck, Levi Jeans rolled up & a chunky brown belt.

Purchased in March from H&M £29.99

Here are all my shoes that i am wearing lately. I tend to go for colours of neutral, black or white. This way i can pretty much wear any outfit I like and really get my monies worth!

Not enough feet
Shoe Forecasting - Looking into the future I see the slip on trainer becoming popular to either just chuck on with a pair of jeans or with a cute casual dress. The flat wedge is another that I can see becoming really popular. I particularly like the fact that everyone is stepping (excuse the pun) out of their comfort zone and slipping into some white shoes! I think the flat wedges in particular should be worn in white.
Asos - £40.00

Make those toes smile! Keep in touch for a shoe styling video coming shortly.

Book a styling appointment today to get a new Spring Summer 14 wardrobe, send a message via facebook or email

Chloe Noir,

Monday, 10 March 2014

The braids craze.

London Fashion Week was a great platform to show dem braidz!!! They graced the catwalks in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Braids can add a really feminine touch to any look and are very bohemian. Here are a few of my favourites from LFW. 

This then inspired me to look elsewhere for inspiration to create different looks... 
I really like the fact that this hairstyle could really jazz up and outfit for a casual look or even for work. 

At a glance this hairstyle is very confusing but is so effective. It is done by leaving hair out of the bun around the whole head, and then the inner part of the bun... This is then joined together in a French plait style to create the effect. To complete tuck hair under the bun and secure safely with a grip.

I would absolutely love to be able to do this one on myself! 

A small plait under the bun with a few accessories can really add that extra something to an outfit. 

Lastly the waterfall braid, usually this is done around the head in a straight line, I liked this one a lot as it goes down the head diagonally in a relaxed way. After being inspired by different looks, I gave it a go combining a few! 

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Chloe Noir, xo