Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Come Back of The Birkenstock

Recently I was going through a seasonal 'clear out the wardrobe and restock' kinda moment, when I contemplated throwing away my Birkenstocks that I have had now for about 5 years. I couldn't honestly tell you the last time I wore them as all you would see me in last summer would have been my white or black converse, or some form of strappy sandals.

Last week whilst heading back home on the train I picked up The Stylist, (a well known free fashion magazine given to commuters) which detailed that the BIRKS ARE BACK. With all the chunky ankle boots and sandals that are in this season I felt kinda stupid that I was about to throw them away. I have now recently stumbled across the ASOS website which has a whole page dedicated to the Birkenstocks. So hurry up and dig out your vintage birkys or buy some brand new sparkly ones because they are back!

Asos - £44.95 Rio 2 Strap White Sandals
Im teaming mine with a pair of skinnys and this Kimono from Oasis, by wearing my hair in loose curls with a chunky plait I can create the ultimate boho chic look.

Oasis - £40
Offering free 121 style advice, just give me a message!

Love & Peace Fashionistasssssss.

Chloe Noir,


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