Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Favourite Vintage Shops


one of my favourite places to shop, showing unique styling inspired by the vintage style.

You will never have the same clothes as other people again.

Few of my favourite pieces (12.12.11) 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Autumn Winter Hairstyles for 2011.


For the girlies who need quick on the go hairstyles, your in luck this season. 
Ponytails have been around for years and mainly used just to stick your hair up and get going, with the urban boho sheek look we have had this summer we are turning to a more sleek and sophisticated look for the winter.

Here are 3 hairstyles that i have quickly picked of the runway, stay tuned for a youtube video coming shortly on how to achieve these looks.

Lots of love to my fashion followers,

Chloe xoxox

Thursday, 4 August 2011

How2Style: Leather Skirt.

Where to get your leathers.

Hello My Beautiful Fashion Lovers, just thought id give you a few ideas of places/items where you can find lovely leathers! Happy Hunting,

ASOS chain fringed side Leather shorts. Reduced to £39


ASOS Jovonna Leather Skirt. Reduced to £45


ASOS metallic Leather Diamod stitch short £60


Chinese Laundry Flat Leather Knee High Boot. Reduced to £93


Black Stud Leather Gilit. £85


Faux Leather Skinny Trousers. £32


Happy Leather Loving, xo

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Motor Cycles & Leather Apparel

Chloe  H&M's Leather.
After getting inspiration from reading the NEW ISSUE OF ELLE (septmember issue- always the best) I decided to go on a shopping trip, this is when i stumbled across a new buy that i would not normally choose but it definitely caught my eye. After reading that leather thigh high boots are going to be in this winter i thought why not collab or go for the same kind of inspired look with a Leather Skirt.
I Found this one in H & M for only £14.99! such a bargain, this skirt also features black denim like panals and horizontal zipped pockets. Wait up for a video of how I styled this skirt, it will be posted on youtube at the end of this week.
Hold on tight & wear a helmet in your Leathers girls,

P.s  Leather- to be styled sophisticated & elegantly.... cheap trash is an easy mistake to make!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Photoshoot: The Distressed Lover.

Here is a few photos from a recent photo shoot. The weather was sunny so i thought it would be a perfect opportunity to take some glamorous pictures. The project brief is broad so i decided to tell the story as though the girl had been dumped or stood up with her date/lover. By wearing the sparkly pretty looking outfits in this beach location it looks as though the girl has runaway from the one she loved to a place of familiarity where she can make herself feel better.

Photo 1. Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge, Dress- Kate Moss Topshop, Heels- All Saints.

Photo 2. Here i added sparkly butterflies to the  Leather Jacket for  a more interesting inspiring feel.

Photo 3. By the huts on the beach.

Photo 4. Showing the Glitter in her eyes that he missed out.

Photo 5. Empty Love.

Photo 6. Thinking of the lover who left her.

Photo 7. Favourite Photo.

Photo 8. Into the Horizon.

Photo 9. Refreshed & Ready to love another.

Photo 10. Sheer Dress- New Look, Shoes- All Saints, Necklace-Troll.

Photo 11. Footprints on the heart.

Photo 12- Lasting Affection.

Comment & let me know what you think, Lots of love Chloe- The Fashion Fling. Xo

Boho Inspired Fish Plait Look.

Here is my first video i have uploaded on youtube. Seeing the more vintage/boho chic sort of styles coming into fashion i thought this would be a great tutorial into how you can get this look.


Accessorising this look is easy, here i have listed a few websites to get you started on what sort of thing you can add into your hair to get this boho look.




Hope you enjoyed & found this useful.
Lots of Love, Chloe-The Fashion Fling. Xo