Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Motor Cycles & Leather Apparel

Chloe  H&M's Leather.
After getting inspiration from reading the NEW ISSUE OF ELLE (septmember issue- always the best) I decided to go on a shopping trip, this is when i stumbled across a new buy that i would not normally choose but it definitely caught my eye. After reading that leather thigh high boots are going to be in this winter i thought why not collab or go for the same kind of inspired look with a Leather Skirt.
I Found this one in H & M for only £14.99! such a bargain, this skirt also features black denim like panals and horizontal zipped pockets. Wait up for a video of how I styled this skirt, it will be posted on youtube at the end of this week.
Hold on tight & wear a helmet in your Leathers girls,

P.s  Leather- to be styled sophisticated & elegantly.... cheap trash is an easy mistake to make!


  1. Glad your back:) I subscribe to your youtube under 'The Feeling Of Beauty', I didn't make video's but I got a blog, would love you to check it out:)

  2. ah thank you! i have really wanted to get back into the swing of things for ages but just couldnt find the time and didnt have any inspiration as i had so much drama and other things going on! but i will be definitely getting back into blogging and videoing now :) ah yes i love gracie shes brilliant! i will check out your blog now :) xx

  3. Good, I'm glad:) Gracie? You mean Ugly Face of Beauty, no mines The Feeling of Beauty loool:) But yeah I love Gracie lol, just realised they are pretty similair lol! and thank you:)

  4. i do not know where on earth gracie came from or why i wrote that! haha, yeah they are very simular thank you for subscribing more videos soon!, i need to get more followers on my blog :) Xxxx

  5. Hahah, I was a bit 'wth'? Hahaa! :)